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ithrowfire-deactivated20130206asked: Omg I read your poss with keeper by yellowcard playing and idek but something came over me and made me want to quit volleyball for xc because my track team keeps trying to make me (sorry idk I felt like I should credit you)

Bahaha that’s an awesome song \m/ and honestly, just do what makes you happy! xc is a cool sport. it really takes a lot of commitment. my sister plays volleyball, and she loves it, and she tried track for a bit, but just didn’t like it, so she stopped. it’s whatever you like the most ! (:

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Anonymousasked: Let-me-believe is a freshman at my school! She's amazing at the hurdles for her first year, learning how to do them in two months and becoming second best in the school is SO GOOD. I hope she sees this!

I believe you! That really says something about her natural talent. Some people just have that incredible natural skill, good for her!

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diditandstilldoingitasked: What are your 200 & 400 times?

They are currently:

200 - 28.0
400 - 60.0

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